A New Breed Of Fake Backflow Rocks

In the world of fake backflow rocks there’s a new player in town for 2014: The DekoRRa Model 117.  Based on the smaller Model 110, the 117 features a wider base, and it retains this width all the way up near the top.  While the Model 110 is relatively wide at the base, it looses a ton of interior space (width) up near the top.

This is not the case with the 117 Model.  Originally designed to disguise cable television boxes, electric pumps and small utility boxes, the 117 is also seeing action on the backlow and irrigation side of things.

Some residential irrigation installs feature dual backflow valves placed right beside one another.  This configuration can be a challenge because the footprint is usually too wide for a traditional backflow enclosure or and fake rocks designed to hide backflows.  And since the units are so close together, using two seperate enclosures isn’t an option due to space limitations.  Situations like these are ripe for the Model 117 which is oftentimes wide enough to cover both backflow prevention valves at once.  A huge time and money saver for homeowners.

The 117 is also available with an R-13 insulation bag at RocksFast.com.  This added frost protection can help prevent costly backflow freeze.  Electric heat tape is also available.

Vents can also be purchased and pre-installed.  These are ideal for situations where heat buildup may be a concern.  Well pumps, and pond pump applications often require such ventilation to prevent the electric pump motors from overheating and becoming damaged.


How To Buy A Backflow Enclosure

Lots of folks, especially home owners, have been asking me “Hey Billy, how do I hide this dang ugly backflow thingy?”

It’s a great question I get all the time when I’m out plumbing homes and condos and such.  One answer i give a lot is directing the person to buy a protective backflow enclosure.  One type that is real popular is made by a company called DekoRRa right here in the good old USA!

DekoRRa actually makes these backflow covers to look like artificial rocks.  They are molded with plastic.  Not shiny, ugly and cheap looking plastic, we’re talking heavy duty, gritty and rough textured stuff.

ImageThese hollow rocks slip right over the utility, be it a backflow valve, water well, electric box, loud annoying mother in law….oops…sorry bout that last one.  Once the rock is in place the homeowner no longer has to look at the ugly metal utility out in the yard.  how cool is that!  you can learn more at frontyardlandscaping.net.

They posted some tips there on how to buy these artificial rocks and make sure you get one that is the right size for your particular application.  You don’t want to get one that is too small and then have to deal with returning it.  been there, done that and it’s a pain in the rear, trust me!